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Rentals & Property Management

T P Walsh Rental & Property Management prides itself on providing the ultimate service to both Landlord and tenant alike.

We aim to represent both parties equally, for the Landlord this means renting his or her property in a trouble and stress free manner therefore securing their investment.

For the tenant we aim to provide good quality accommodation and solve any problems which occur in a quick and efficient manner ensuring a trouble free stay for the duration of their lease.

Our service also incorporates Apartment Block Management service.

Rental Requirements

  1. Tenants must have a PPS number in order for us to register them with the PRTB (Private Residential Board)
  2. A copy of picture ID
  3. All leases are for a minimum of 6 months only
  4. All properties require 1 months deposit and 1 months in advance
  5. All properties must be viewed by the prospective tenant
  6. All rents must be paid by Standing Order

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Tenancy Act 2004

The Residential Tenancies Act 2004 contains far reaching reforms of the private rented sector. A large portion of the Act came into operation on 1 September 2004, including: improved security of tenure through a system of 4-year tenancy cycles; new tenancy termination procedures that involve longer notice periods linked to length of tenancy; establishment of a statutory Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB); a new system of tenancy registration with the PRTB; voluntary renunciation of the right to long-occupation equity leases; higher penalties for offences relating to standards and registration of private rented accommodation; and extension of local authority powers to address anti-social behaviour.

The remainder of the Act came into force on 6th December 2004. These include provisions for a new dispute resolution service through the PRTB instead of the Courts, involving mediation or adjudication and tenancy tribunal hearings. They also include provisions setting out clearly the statutory tenancy obligations of landlords and tenants and providing that landlords will not be entitled to seek a rent greater than the market rate and that rent reviews (whether up or down) may not occur more than once a year unless warranted by a substantial change in the nature of the accommodation.

Tenancies in existence on 1st September 2004 became 'Part 4 tenancies' on 1st March 2005 unless a valid Notice of Termination was served before that date. Part 4 tenancies can only be terminated by the landlord on specified grounds (in accordance with the Act) and by either party by Notice of Termination under the Act in accordance with section 62. Unless terminated, they last for 4 years from their commencement date or from 1st September 2004, whichever is later. The notice period required to terminate a tenancy that has lasted between one month and two years is 42 days. If a fixed term tenancy is due to expire during the existence of a Part 4 tenancy and the tenant intends to remain in occupation, the tenant must, during the 2nd last or 3rd last month of the fixed term, notify the landlord of that intention to continue the tenancy.

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Tenancy Registration

Tenancies falling within the scope of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 must be registered with the Private Residential Tenancies Board (Click here to visit website). It is the responsibility of the landlord to register the details with the Board. Both the landlord and the tenants are entitled to a copy of the details entered on the register.

To register a tenancy, a landlord must complete a registration form.

This form is called the PRTB 1, and it is available for download from the PRTB website as an Adobe Acrobat PDF or as a Word Document.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat PDF Click here to download Adobe Acrobat PDF
Click here to download Word Document Click here to download Word Document

Landlords should ensure that all questions on the tenancy registration form are completed in full and that the appropriate fee is submitted, otherwise the form will be returned to them and cause undue delay in processing their tenancy registration.

Each tenancy registered with the PRTB will be allocated with a unique registration number. The registration number, along with the details of the registration entry, will be issued to both the landlord and the tenant.

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